Home Improvements




    This information if from a real estate marketing publication,  it should only be used as a general guide, certainly I would be happy to help you decide where your money would be best spent and benefit you
when selling your home. 





 Kitchen:  An updated kitchen can reward the seller with a sizable payback, but remember when purchasing sophisticated equipment may cut into your profit, keep it simple.

Lawn/Garden:  A well manicured lawn and a modest but colorful flower bed will show a beautiful curb appeal, a few hundred dollars may yield several thousands in profit.

Fireplace:  A fireplace holds the promise of cozy family gatherings, especially if it's energy efficient.

Second Bathroom:  All it takes is a simple extra bathroom to make mornings a little easier for a family, but stay away from extras like a whirlpool tub.

Room Addition:  For the most attractive return of your investment dollars, an added family room or third bedroom should be considered.

Deck/Patio:  An outdoor living space is a huge asset no matter where you live, an added pool can be another asset for a family.

New Windows/Doors:  Buyers appreciate changes that improve the look of a house, for example; French doors may be a plus, energy efficient windows are always appreciated but may not bring a large payback.

Heating/Cooling:  If the system is dysfunctional, best to replace it but check the cost of updating.